Distinctive Beauty. Affordable Elegance.

Kapoyk Gems

A Registered Member of IGS (International Gemological Society) and a respected dealer in the colored gemstone and diamond communities with over 36 years in gemstone identification, collecting, authentication, grading and appraisals.

With worldwide suppliers in conflict-free regions we source much of our rough directly from miners. Our Registered, World-Class Master Lapidary designs the gemstones facet cut to maximize its optical beauty and hand polishes the final treasure to perfection.

Our buyers work directly with suppliers to source average cut gemstones for redesigning and recutting by our Master Lapidary who hand polishes on a ceramic lap, transforming an average-cut gem into something truly spectacular.

For our Lab Created Gemstones we source through only the most scientifically advanced labs using custom colors to produce gem rough of the highest quality, identical in every way to natural crystals at a fraction of the cost. This custom gemstone material is analyzed, designed, cut and polished by our Artisans for an award winning presentation of unbelievable beauty.

The result of our passion is Distinctive Beauty, Affordable ELEGANCE.

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